About us

Chairman’s Message:

Since the establishment of Samara in 1984 it has worked hard to deliver the best products and services in the market. We believe in the Security & Safety of our customers and everything they hold dear, and so we strive to implement quality systems to ensure that.

We promise that we will not stand still; we will push forward and evolve with time to always deliver innovative, cost efficient solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.


Samara offers its customers a wide spectrum of products and services to fit all their needs. We are present around the kingdom through our main branches in the Western, Central and Eastern provinces. We work with the best suppliers and engineers to deliver quality solutions in the areas of Security, Safety, Building Management Systems (BMS) and Maintenance Services. Samara is a company with a long history of successful projects and a great relationship with the Civil Defense of Saudi Arabia. Samara was established in 1984, more than 30 years in the service of Safety and Security in the kingdom. We have worked with Small, Medium and Large companies all around Saudi Arabia delivering the best services by completing more than 2000 projects in the span of our existence.

Our Vision:

To be the market leader in providing quality Security and Safety solutions for individuals and entities in the MENA region, adhering to the international standards.

Our Mission:

In the pursuit of excellence we employ our vast expertise in designing, executing and maintaining quality Security and Safety solutions. We operate efficiently and perform effectively to secure for our customers a reality in which individuals are protected, and entities are safeguarded. A reality in which, our aspirations for sustainable growth and prosperity are fulfilled.

Our Principles:

  • Customer Care
  • Integrity and Trust
  • Teamwork
  • Learning and Growing
  • Responsibility
  • Building a Family within
  • Quality

Our Slogan:

Your Future is Our Present