Safety Systems

Fire Fighting :

Samara offers you the most extensive range of firefighting options available in the market. Whether it is wet pipe, dry, water mist, gas or foam systems, we have it all. We work with you to find the system that best suits your needs according to international codes insuring the utmost safety for your buildings and businesses. With our 30 years in the business we are able to design & install the firefighting system that will satisfy your needs and give you peace of mind. Our satisfied customers range from Makkah Metro El Mashare El Moqaddassah project to the Jeddah historical region.

We promise that we will not stand still; we will push forward and evolve with time to always deliver innovative, cost efficient solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Fire Alarm:

Samara offers you an integrated fire alarm system solution for Small-sized, Medium-sized, and Large-sized buildings. These solutions are modular, scalable, and meet the needs of applications ranging from fire detection to industrial signaling and mass notification. We pride ourselves on being a complete fire alarm system supplier; you can rely on us for all your fire system requirements, we work with international suppliers such as Edwards and Apollo. We Design, Supply, Install, Supervise & Provide Maintenance services for all fire alarm systems, as well as After Sales Service. By strictly adhering to international standards and norms we insure the highest level of security and safety for our customers. Throughout the years. Samara has built a team of well-trained and qualified engineers who are ready to design, install, commission, and maintain your Fire Alarm Systems. Our major clients include: Saudi Arabian Airlines, NOVA water and Hail International Airport.